Instructions for use and wear

*For official instructions on how to wear, please reference official CDC guidelines.


1. Before occupational use of this respirator, a written respiratory protection program must be implemented meeting all the local government requirements. In the United States, employers must comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 which includes medical evaluation, training, and fit testing.

2. Respirator may be used until damaged, breathing becomes difficult, or contaminated. Otherwise, it may be stored and reused according to the facility’s infection control policy.

3. Filtering facepieces are to be inspected prior to each use to good operating condition. Examine all the respirator parts for signs of damage including the two headbands, nose foam, nose clip and facepiece material. The respirator should be disposed of immediately upon observation of damaged or missing parts. Immediately replace respirator if damaged.

4. Discard after every use. Follow national, state, local, and facility infection control guidance and policies.

Fitting Instructions (Must be followed each time respirator is worn)


1. Cup the respirator in your hand, with the nosepiece at your fingertips, allowing the headbands to hang freely below your hand.


2. Position the respirator under your chin with the nosepiece up. Pull the top strap over your head resting it high at the top back of your head. Pull the bottom strap over your head and position it around the neck below the ears.


3. Place your fingertips from both hands at the top of the metal nosepiece. Using two hands, mold the nose area to the shape of your nose by pushing inward while moving your fingertips down both sides of the nosepiece. Pinching the nosepiece using one hand may result in improper fit and less effective respirator performance. Use two hands.
4. Perform a User Seal Check prior to each wearing. To check the respirator-to-face seal, place both hands completely over the respirator and exhale. Be careful not to disturb the position of the respirator. If air leaks around nose, readjust the nosepiece as described in step 3. If air leaks at the respirator edges, work the straps back along the sides of your head.



See step 2 of Fitting Instructions and cup respirator in hand to maintain position on face. Pull bottom strap over head. Still holding respirator in position, pull top strap over head and remove respirator.